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Code on Demand… Today.

“Sometimes I feel that ‘over-engineering’ is this disease that is running wild in our industry and as architects we need to be on the constant watch to quickly eliminate it whenever encountered.” – Drew Jaegle, in response to API Best Practices: The Wrap Up Last week Jason Harmon asked me if there were any good […]

We want Diversity – As long as its the Same!

diversity, adjective: showing a great deal of variety; very different. No matter how hard they try, it seems like PHPUK (at no fault of their own) just cannot avoid a gender controversy.  In 2013 it was Web and PHP Magazine’s t-shirt debacle (a situation that was handled poorly all the way around), and this year- the […]

A Response to the Harassment of Female Tech Leaders

Before I jump into my thoughts, I wanted to throw out a quick disclaimer. Very seldom do I jump into this debate, just because it usually ends up with more angry tweets and comments than I care to read.  I also want to point out that I consider Amy to be an amazing woman, and […]

What the Heck are CURIEs?!

Short Answer: CURIEs provide a shortcut or template for linking to API documentation within a HAL based API response. Long Answer: CURIEs were implemented into HAL to let users identify/ group links while providing a URL template to shorten the linking process and reduce data transfer.  This was done to make the API more discoverable, although this concept […]

Podcast with HackathonMaven

Had a great time chatting with John (@jnconkle) from Sponsorship Hacks about what it means to me being a self-taught developer, the developer community, MuleSoft, APIs, academia, hackathons, and developer evangelism: You can listen to the full show and see show notes at http://hackathon.posthaven.com/mulesoft-evangelist-mike-stowe-is-completely-self-taught and be sure to check out his other interviews on SoundCloud. You can also […]

CPHL – the Cross Platform Hypertext Language

CPHL is an idea that I’m currently playing with as I’m exploring how to make API clients more dynamic, and less reliant on hard coded actions (currently the way most clients/ SDKs are written). The thought behind CPHL is to create an action based linking system (rather than resource based) that is capable of representing different […]

San Andreas Trailer Released

Usually I’m not one to post trailers on my blog, however, this one is special to me – and not just because it’s about San Francisco! While the movie stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ioan Grufford, and the beautiful Alexandra Daddario- yours truly had a chance to hang out behind the scenes, and even get […]

Code-on-Demand… Like it’s 1985

As promised, I wanted to take a few minutes to share my opinion the only optional REST constraint, Code-on-Demand. Being optional, and perhaps seemingly impractical it’s no surprise that most RESTful APIs choose to bypass this constraint.  Especially as REST is used tremendously for web applications, meaning that it would need to be compatible with any […]

More Objections to HATEOAS

This week on the MuleSoft blog I took a look at Hypermedia, HATEOAS, and common arguments for and against Hypermedia.  However, the list of objections is really too long to summarize in a quick, introductory post.  Shortly after writing my hypermedia post for MuleSoft I came across the post “RESTisential Crisis over Hypermedia APIs” by […]

API Resources

API Specs | Frameworks | API Portals/ Managers (FREE) | API Portals/ Managers (PAID) | SDK Generators | Tutorials/ Resources | Videos | Books | Training Courses | Fun API Specs View a snapshot of spec strengths and weaknesses with the API Spec Comparison Tool API Blueprint API Blueprint provides a markdown format for describing […]

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