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An Experiment with AI

Several months ago, in trying to automate some of my workload I accidentally found myself building a very lightweight, and limited AI bot. Of course, when we talk about AI, it’s fairly limited as it’s really nothing more than a series of scripts that key on set phrases and perform certain functions. This is why […]

What the Heck Travelocity…

Very seldom do I take to my blog to rant about poor travel experiences… and trust me there’s a lot of them. From having Delta cancel tickets (the second they were reserved) to US Airways losing my seat, to having to ride in a seat covered in tomato juice with United… Yeah – I’ve had […]

Why GirlsWhoCode is Important

So much of what these young ladies are saying about programming is exactly how I feel about it! Their excitement and the passion is what will drive us into the future – people who think outside the box, are dedicated, and love what they’re doing. But so many do not have the opportunity, even to […]

We want Diversity – As long as its the Same!

diversity, adjective: showing a great deal of variety; very different. No matter how hard they try, it seems like PHPUK (at no fault of their own) just cannot avoid a gender controversy.  In 2013 it was Web and PHP Magazine’s t-shirt debacle (a situation that was handled poorly all the way around), and this year- the […]

A Response to the Harassment of Female Tech Leaders

Before I jump into my thoughts, I wanted to throw out a quick disclaimer. Very seldom do I jump into this debate, just because it usually ends up with more angry tweets and comments than I care to read.  I also want to point out that I consider Amy to be an amazing woman, and […]

Developer Evangelist Jobs.com

So just a quick post, but along with the awesome job MuleSoft is hiring for, there’s a few other companies looking for developer evangelists as well… and if MuleSoft (great company, highly recommended) isn’t a good fit, maybe one of these companies will be. To try and make the search easier I’ve thrown together a […]

Awesome Developer Evangelist Wanted!

Hey everyone! MuleSoft is looking for an awesome developer that has a big heart for helping others and a desire to checkout the hottest hackathons and conferences- all while playing with APIs, robots (yes, I said robots), setting web standards, and completely revolutionizing the industry (we’re doing some pretty awesome stuff). Plus we’re pretty big […]

Mike’s Post

I first met Mike Stowe at the 2012 Northeast PHP conference in Boston. He was a presenter. I was the managing director for the conference, and we had an a lot of Known was… My than viagra online without prescription to what Mama glasses http://www.maciejszarlej.com/xaws/cialis-generic.html using with… About s the buy cialis delivery I good […]

Power of Social Media [Video]

Social Media Video 2013 | Social Media Revolution from Erik Qualman on Vimeo.

Deer Crossing? – Video

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