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RAML Merge

RAML Merge is a command line PHP script used to merge all RAML !includes into a single file for distribution or testing with services such as Postman. To merge files with the command line (PHP must be installed) simply run the script with a source file argument, like so: Remember to use the full path […]


RAML 2 HTML for PHP is a lightweight, easy to configure, and easy to customize script to build extensive, multi-page API documentation from a RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) file. RAML 2 HTML also takes advantage of APC (if enabled in config) to reduce rendering time (especially of remote RAML files). RAML 2 HTML for […]


What is ressf ressf is a RESS (Responsive Design + Server Side) framework designed to allow content templating according to the user’s device. This allows for content to be adjusted as necessary based on the device accessing the page, without having to have a separate body of content to maintain. ressf is still very much […]

Weekly PHP Test

What is the output of the following code in PHP 5.3+? (Answer below poll, special thanks @ircmaxell for sharing) Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool. Answer: “UNKNOWN” The key here is that this file is namespaced, meaning that we are operating by default in the \Foo namespace, not […]


DB::DBAL has been moved to http://dbal.mikestowe.com. DB::DBAL is a lightweight Database Abstraction Layer that is designed to allow for multiple database types and connections simultaneously. DB::DBAL provides ease of use of use through query chaining, security via automatic where clause escaping, as well as code reusability through the ability to add universal events for table […]

Form Builder

To be perfectly honest, this is a class I built awhile ago (back in November of 2010), so going from memory here. But basically, Form Builder allows you to setup a databased/ emailed form quickly and easily, in just a few lines of code. For example, to build and process a form that contains 8 […]

Weekly PHP Test

What is the output of the following code? … … … … … … … … … ANSWER: Because the number starts with a zero, it is interpreted as an Octal number instead of a decimal. This means instead of returning 42 as one might expect, it returns the octal calculation: 0 = signify Octal […]

Weekly PHP Test

What does the following code echo out:

PHP 5.4 – First Glances

Updated February 10, 2012 PHP 5.4 is just around the corner, and with it several new features and enhancements.  Here are just a few of the features I’ve had the chance to play with that may be useful. Binary Integer Notation Previously in PHP, you were able to write integers as decimals (10), Octals (012), […]

Weekly PHP Test

True or False: In PHP 5.4 Traits can have properties?

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