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San Andreas Trailer Released

Usually I’m not one to post trailers on my blog, however, this one is special to me – and not just because it’s about San Francisco! While the movie stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ioan Grufford, and the beautiful Alexandra Daddario- yours truly had a chance to hang out behind the scenes, and even get […]

Food for Thought – Video

CTCT SuperHero API – Video

First video I made to talk about the Constant Contact API

Vooza and Radimparency

Cool Tricks

More cool tricks

Real Angry Birds

Major Dad – Discipline (just for my mom)

All the Wise…less

I just love reading people’s comments on news stories, especially political ones. Sure, you get the person who probably didn’t even read past the first sentence, gets enraged, and comments on something so absurd that it makes you laugh. Then again you have the political lines, making sarcastic comments all the funnier (especially when somebody […]

Good Ol’ Southern Football

note: you need sound for this one, lol.

Good Ol’ Minnesota Football

Good Ol’ Southern Minnesota High School Football… where a kick off can go 70 yards and through the uprights, or… Highlighted Version: http://www.farmingtonindependent.com/event/videos/

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