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Helpful JavaScript Resources

jQuery jQuery API Reference Manual 44 Awesome jQuery Tutorials JavaScript: Asynchronous and Lazy Loading

Simple jQuery Combo Autocomplete Script

Here is a really simple jQuery Combo (auto-fill/ url) Auto-Complete Script. The script is based on the Simple jQuery Autocomplete Script, and accepts returned values in a pipe-delimited (|), comma separated (,) format based on the variable “q” sent via GET. To clarify, each record is separated by a pipe, with the return text and […]

Super Easy Form Highlighting

Thanks to jQuery, highlighting form fields onFocus has never been easier… just setup your hover class (in this case jHover), and add 4 lines of javascript to the top of your page, and presto… super sweet form field highlighting in less than 5 minutes! The CSS: The JavaScript:

Simple jQuery AutoComplete Script

Here is a really simple jQuery Auto-Complete Script. The script has four simple components; CSS, JavaScript, an HTML/ Action Call component, and of course the dynamic page that returns values in pipe-delimited (|) format based on the variable “q” sent via GET. Basic CSS: The JavaScript: And the HTML: Required HTML Attributes: ID: the text […]

Show Element – MouseOver

This is a quick, simple jQuery script that can be used to create floating divs (tooltips), dropdown menus, or really anything you want to be displayed when the user places his/her mouse over the parent element or the originally hidden element. Example Usage: What am I? I am a link that goes to Yahoo.com (styling […]