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Acting has always been a hobby of mine, and now after moving to the Bay I’ve decided to spread my wings a little more and pursue acting a little bit more seriously. Bare with me as I’m just getting started, but on this page you’ll be able to see some of my recent works, photos, my stats, and more traditional resumes (SFCasting, IMDB, etc).

Recent Works:









Production Role Status
  Whirlpool  2015, television Dalik Completed
  Crossroads  2015, short Bob Completed
  Sharkatraz  2015, television Frank Morris Completed
  Somnia  2015, short Bartender Completed
  Steve Jobs  2015 Event Security Completed
  Chad Martin  2015, short Officer Lynch Completed
  Nine Lives  2015 EMT Completed
  Sex Sent Me to the Slammer  2014, television Bar Patron Completed
  Homegrown  2014, short Johnny Completed
  White Devil  2014 Infected Soldier Completed
  San Andreas  2014 Daniel Reddick (Double) Completed
  Black Sheep  2014, short Bus Patron Completed
  Tech Boom!  2014, web series Developer Completed
  The Dirty  2014, television Bystander Completed
  My Awkward Life  2014, short Dylan Completed
  Murder in the First  2014, television Businessman Completed
  The Bishop  2014 Inmate Completed
  The Dirty  2014, tv spot Witness Completed
  World’s Astonishing News  2014, television Scientist Completed
  Mustang  2014, short Booby Completed
  Murder Junkie  2014 Officer Tom Samford Completed
  Tema  2013, short Haredi Man Completed
  Who You Are  2013, music video Brother Completed

My Stats:

Height 5’11”
Weight 170lbs
Neck 15
Chest 38
Sleeve 34
Waist 32
Inseam 32
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Roles Interested In:

Action, Comedy (clean), Romance, Drama, Family, Educational, Documentary, Christian, Crime/ Law, Tech

Type: Speaking, Non-speaking, and Extras

Find Me Online:

SFCasting http://www.sfcasting.com/mikestowe
IMDB http://www.imdb.me/mikestowe
StarNow http://www.starnow.com/mikestowe