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I’m not a Woman

So this may come as a shock, but I’m not a woman. I’m not black, Hispanic, Indian, gay, or really any real grouping of diversity. I’m a white, straight male. I learned this on Twitter tonight, that this is who I am. I am an oppressor, because I am white, and a male. Nevermind the […]

All the Wise…less

I just love reading people’s comments on news stories, especially political ones. Sure, you get the person who probably didn’t even read past the first sentence, gets enraged, and comments on something so absurd that it makes you laugh. Then again you have the political lines, making sarcastic comments all the funnier (especially when somebody […]

In God We Trust

Bill Murray for Stark County Treasurer

Ok, it’s not really Bill Murray, but really reminded me of his roles in Ghost Busters and Ground Hogs Day… that and one can only wish that this had been a scripted comedy. But alas, in the world of politics… it’s just too crazy to be made up!

Racism Part 2… Dr. Laura

So, after reading numerous reports on CNN, I was just about ready to pounce on Dr. Laura as I did (somewhat prematurely) with Sherrod. However, after viewing the video Dr. Laura makes some very valid points. Perhaps she should not have used the “N” word as freely or flippantly as she did, but we cannot […]

Obama drops his grade from B+ to Incomplete

December 2009, our President was giddily chatting on TV networks (well, except for Fox), talking about how things were going relatively well, and that he felt he deserved a B+ for his first year in office (it could have been an “A” except for, surprise, the economy). But only 7 months later, our 3.75 presidential […]

If Only Someone Would Speak to BOTH Parties About This…

… The only problem is that this is a typical partisan rant against the other party… just as Obama continuously blames the Republican party for stone-walling his agenda (despite having a super-majority in the senate until recently), and just as Republicans demonize Democrats. On CNN, one poster put that “GOP = party before country.” Unfortunately, […]

It Can’t Be about Black and White

Perhaps the comment that shocks me the most is “I took him to his own kind…” As a born-again Christian, I can’t help but think of Galatians 3:28… if the Greeks and Jews could look past their differences, why can’t the “white man” and the “black man?” Now, I understand that racism still exists in […]

Trying to Schedule a Lobotomy?

Ok, especially after my last post… I can’t pass this up! Patient: “We need to schedule a surgery.” Nurse: *looking over the patient’s chart* “Surgery? For what, ma’am?” Patient: “The doctor said I had high cholesterol. And I want him to go in and cut it out. Take it all, I say.” Nurse: “He can’t […]

Humerous Political Postings

Ok, I’m sorry, I just can’t resist. I have seen wayyyy to many of these posts: Tim, you are smarter than the top grad from Harvard LAw, but I bet you liked Bush, yu know th eidiot that barley passed at Yale and ran a baseball team and then our country into the ground. The […]

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