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Slammin’ Dunks

Makes ya think… doesn’t it


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Bill Murray for Stark County Treasurer

Ok, it’s not really Bill Murray, but really reminded me of his roles in Ghost Busters and Ground Hogs Day… that and one can only wish that this had been a scripted comedy. But alas, in the world of politics… it’s just too crazy to be made up!

A Gamer’s Illusion

Scroll down… is it just me or do the circles actually get bigger?  Gotta love how the brain works ps – no there’s not any fancy JavaScript or anything else to change the image… just in case you were wondering.  The image is completely static.

An Invisible Monkey – Pure Marketing Genius


School is Cool? Mine Teacher Tell I Sew.

As a famous quote goes, “The most valuable lessons are those not spoken.” The only question I have is, what’s the lesson here???

How to Rob a Home Run

EMBED-Spiderman Style Baseball Catch – Watch more free videos

Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, perhaps pictures with words are worth even more…

How Minnesotan’s Celebrate a Soccer Goal

… If you think that’s bad… you should see how we celebrate when we catch a fish! (ok, ok, the credit for this video really goes to Iceland… if it was Minnesotan’s there would be 3 feet of snow)

Trying to Schedule a Lobotomy?

Ok, especially after my last post… I can’t pass this up! Patient: “We need to schedule a surgery.” Nurse: *looking over the patient’s chart* “Surgery? For what, ma’am?” Patient: “The doctor said I had high cholesterol. And I want him to go in and cut it out. Take it all, I say.” Nurse: “He can’t […]

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