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What is Spec Driven Development

Disclaimer: this is a living document while this approach is tested and made more concrete Over the past couple months I have been talking about something I’ve called Spec Driven Development, or rather a software development ideal where your application is built in two distinct phases: The creation of a Spec Development of code to […]

API Best Practices: Plan Your API

Perhaps the foundation of the foundation, understanding why you are building an API is a crucial step towards understanding what data/ methods your API should make accessible and how your users will utilize it. Unfortunately, API is a buzzword right now, and many companies are rushing to build APIs with the idea that “we’re going […]

FREE DayCamp4Developers

It’s the last week to get your FREE ticket to this DayCamp4Developers: API Design & Usability. This session will feature MuleSoft founder Ross Mason, John Musser, myself, Jason Harmon, and Keith Casey Jr. DayCamp4Developers starts this Friday, November 7th at 10:50am CST.

API Design & Best Practices [Video]

Courtesy of API Strategy and Practice

PHP Roundtable: All About APIs

Courtesy of PHP Roundtable

Designing Your API for Longevity

One of the greatest challenges API developers face is creating an API that is flexible enough to pass the tests of time and technology. In other words, creating an API that is built to last. Here are some tips to help you ensure your API has a happy, and long life expectancy – saving you […]

RAML vs. Swagger vs. API Blueprint

Updated July 7, 2014 @ 16:41 PST Note – for an updated comparison, check out the API Spec Comparison tool. At Glue Conference I had the awesome chance to learn about more great API design and documentation tools, including Swagger headed up by Reverb and API Blueprint headed up by Apiary. With multiple options available […]

What Can You Mule?

Since starting my job at MuleSoft I’ve had the chance to play with Mule ESB, a tool designed for enterprise level integrations and Anypoint Studio – their visual IDE. While middleware has long played a dominant role in the enterprise field, I don’t think it’s something that many developers play with on a regular basis. […]


RAML 2 HTML for PHP is a lightweight, easy to configure, and easy to customize script to build extensive, multi-page API documentation from a RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) file. RAML 2 HTML also takes advantage of APC (if enabled in config) to reduce rendering time (especially of remote RAML files). RAML 2 HTML for […]

RAML – Efficient, Easy API Documentation

In case you missed the latest headlines, I am absolutely in LOVE with RAML. We’re talking about the “You and I” by One Direction kind of love. And yes, I listen to One Direction… don’t judge. The reason for this new found infatuation of mine is actually pretty simple… API documentation is a PAIN. One […]

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