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Hi and welcome to MikeStowe.com- my name is, well Mike Stowe (weird huh). I am a professional software engineer, PHP 5.3 Zend Certified, and have over 10 years of PHP hacking experience.

In those 10 years I have had the privilege of building numerous websites and applications, including applications for the medical field, law enforcement, one of the leading audio and lighting dealers, the American Red Cross, multiple non-profits, Christian ministries, and numerous industrial companies. I was then blessed to have been able to build a developer relations strategy for Constant Contact while serving as their Developer Advocate, and now work as a Developer Relations Manager at MuleSoft, an API/ ESB/ SaaS company that is changing the way we interact with cloud applications.

With a background in teaching, I also enjoy speaking at conferences and meetups and am available to speak on different topics including APIs, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/ jQuery, and PHP. If you would be interested in having me speak at your conference, meetup, or business please contact me.

You can also find past events, slides, and even some video under the Speaking section.

In my spare time I try to stay on top of the industry by following multiple blogs, reading, and code hacking. And when I’m not studying or fighting crime, I enjoy being outdoors, sports, watching movies, writing, and even acting in a film here or there. I also helped organize the Twin Cities Software Engineers group, MN PHP user group, and the MidwestPHP Conference before heading West to sunny (and foggy) San Francisco.

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