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REST API Multiple-Request Chaining

One of the challenges we have today with truly hypermedia based APIs is the need to make several separate HTTP calls to access and step through the API. REST API Multiple-Request Chaining is a brainstorming spec to allow us to instead thread or chain API calls together in a single HTTP Request, letting the client make one call that is then broken down and interpreted by the server to greatly reduce latency.

By chaining REST API calls together, and eliminating these redundancies we are not only able to greatly reduce the client-server latency (benchmarks have shown by 66% with as little as 3 requests), but also significantly reduce load from inbound traffic (API Gateways, Load Balancers, etc).

Benchmark Test #3

REST API Multiple-Request Chaining also offers many other benefits, such as the ability to link calls, setup dependencies (success codes, response data), and return back limited or filtered data sets (similar to GraphQL).

To learn more about API Multiple-Request Chaining you can visit the brainstorming specification on GitHub.

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