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RAML Merge

RAML Merge is a command line PHP script used to merge all RAML !includes into a single file for distribution or testing with services such as Postman.

To merge files with the command line (PHP must be installed) simply run the script with a source file argument, like so:

php ramlMerge.php /Users/mike/Desktop/api_raml_files/api.raml > compiled.raml

Remember to use the full path for compiled.raml in order to place it where you want. Otherwise, it will be placed in the folder your shell’s current working folder (use pwd to see what that is).

Installing RAML Merge

RAML Merge can be run on any server utilizing PHP 5+

Coding Restrictions

None known at this time


  • No known errors

Awards (Yay)

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RAML Merge (PHP) was released under the GPL version 2 license.



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