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All the Wise…less

I just love reading people’s comments on news stories, especially political ones. Sure, you get the person who probably didn’t even read past the first sentence, gets enraged, and comments on something so absurd that it makes you laugh. Then again you have the political lines, making sarcastic comments all the funnier (especially when somebody doesn’t get it)… and then, of course, you get the thoughtful, carefully planned response:

Apples and oranges.. typical response from an obvious Republican. Its okj for republicans to misuse power. Bush, Cheney Rumsfeld, but not democrats. Can you spell hypocrit?

Um… in other news, Refudiate is now a word… which makes you wonder, how do all those who attacked Palin’s use of it feel to have her defended by the Oxford Dictionary people… Ouch.  Just another day in politics, and in the comments section :)

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