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Vikings 1-3 and SuperBowl Bound?

The Vikings fell to the New York Giants… Errr Nets… Err Jets (it seemed like no one could get this match up right). The game came down to the last two minutes where Favre was picked off to essentially seal the win for the Jets. But, that should have never happened.

The Vikings went into the half with a grand total of zero points, and about the same offensively. Every time something positive started to happen, the Vikings killed it with penalties or turn overs. Yes, sadly this was the same Vikings team I had watched all season. Perhaps the greatest quarterback, perhaps the greatest running back, and a team built on speed; completely shut down.

Meanwhile things looked great for a Jets offense that did all but score touchdowns. Despite being able to move the ball, ending a Vikings streak of less than 150 rush yards a game defensively, they were held to only one offensive touchdown.

Enter the second half… Well pretty much the same. Vikings stop the Jets, Jets punt, Favre fumbles, Jets score a field goal. Again, same old same old.

Watching to this point I am ready to accept that it is going to be a long season. No offense in the first four games isn’t reminiscent of a Super Bowl team, let alone one that makes playoffs. But that was exactly when a 41 year old found his magic, and his smile. On 3rd and 17 Favre hooked up with Randy Moss on a perfect throw for his 500th touchdown (and over 70,000 yards). All of a sudden it was a game with the Vikings down 15-7.

Five minutes later Favre marched down the field again, only to end up with a 3rd and 19. Feeling the blitz Favre fired another perfect pass, a laser to Harvin who had the speed to get in the end zone, putting the Vikings down by 2.

Eventually losing in what became a close game, the Vikings completely shredded the staunch Jets defense. After 45 minutes of playing like a last place team, something clicked into gear and they simply dominated.

The big question now is can they keep that magic? Will the Vikings come out against Dallas like they did at the start of the game, or like they did at the start of the 4th quarter. If the latter, and if they can bring that offense every game, the Vikings may find themselves with SuperBowl rings even after a 1-3 start.

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