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Speed Up the iPhone 3G

As I am sure you know by now, the iOS 4 upgrade on the iPhone 3G caused things to be, well… SLOWWWWWWW. Here are just a few things that I’ve tried out (and seem to work) to speed up the iPhone 3G. Unfortunately, it’s not back to it’s previous speeds, and this will eliminate some of the useful features, but at least it’s a little faster (instead of waiting 3 minutes for Safari or Mail to load).

  1. Update OS to 4.0.2
  2. Clean the Browser Cache (settings -> safari -> clear cache)
  3. Turn off Spotlight Search – well, at least disable the items you don’t use it for, or all of them lol (settings -> general -> home -> spotlight search)
  4. Disable notifications, or at least eliminate the less used ones and limit the more used to alerts (settings -> notifications)
  5. Perform a hard reset (hold both the home button and power button until iPhone restarts)
  6. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use (this really can slow down the phone)
  7. Restart your phone when it starts getting slow… if that doesn’t help, repeat steps 2,5,&6.

Like I said, don’t expect any miracles, but things are at least going a lot faster than before, and HOPEFULLY more stable… until Apple comes out with an **unlikely** fix for the iPhone 3G speed issues.

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