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Obama drops his grade from B+ to Incomplete

December 2009, our President was giddily chatting on TV networks (well, except for Fox), talking about how things were going relatively well, and that he felt he deserved a B+ for his first year in office (it could have been an “A” except for, surprise, the economy).

But only 7 months later, our 3.75 presidential GPA is in jeopardy… risking according to Obama himself, failure. Instead of giving himself an “A”, or even a “B” for his many achievements (and to be fair, he has passed quite a few, albeit unpopular, items of his agenda), Obama has stated he believes he deserves an “Incomplete” for his first 18 months.

However, he does warn that he believes his administration is NOT getting the credit they deserve, while cautioning that they still have a long way to go.

My only question is, if last year when the economy was “worse” according to the administration, and with everything the administration has done to make things better (without getting the proper credit), why then did Obama drop his OWN grade from a B+ to an Incomplete? Why is our President boasting about all that his administration has done, while saying that as it stands now, he would not pass the historical review of his presidency… by his own standards?

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