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If Only Someone Would Speak to BOTH Parties About This…

The only problem is that this is a typical partisan rant against the other party… just as Obama continuously blames the Republican party for stone-walling his agenda (despite having a super-majority in the senate until recently), and just as Republicans demonize Democrats. On CNN, one poster put that “GOP = party before country.” Unfortunately, this applies to BOTH the Republican and Democratic parties.

This is nothing more than a political game, with us, the people as pawns. These parties use the media to drive us to think emotionally, rather than logically. To join in with the demonizing and opposition of the other party, despite the fact that BOTH parties have members who are truly trying to do what’s best for America, just with opposite ideologies.

Perhaps, if these two parties can stop playing their political ploys, or in the unlikely event that the public finally realizes that we are the ones being played, perhaps we will see Democrats and Republicans working together to do just as Weiner suggests… BUT ONLY when BOTH parties are willing to make such statements about the opposition, AND those in their ranks. Unfortunately, despite the praise from many Democrats for Weiner, I see this as nothing more than a frustrated representative who IS NOT willing to compromise. Perhaps I am wrong, in which this would be a pleasant, statistical anomaly.

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ps – in case you were wondering my take on this, Republicans should have voted yes, and Democrats should have done a simple majority vote (as the one Republican sponsor and 2 Democratic sponsors wanted). I think this is nothing more than a childish “my way or else” ploy by BOTH parties, and it is so very unfortunate that our heroes need to suffer. And just an FYI, while I live in Minnesota I have NO PROBLEM contributing to those who suffered out of their generous service in America’s worst domestic terrorist attack. To BOTH parties, I say grow up, or get voted out. I for one am sick of this, and I am sure that the majority of people will agree.

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