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Humerous Political Postings

Ok, I’m sorry, I just can’t resist. I have seen wayyyy to many of these posts:

Tim, you are smarter than the top grad from Harvard LAw, but I bet you liked Bush, yu know th eidiot that barley passed at Yale and ran a baseball team and then our country into the ground. The guy that took Clintons surplus and created the biggest deficit, the guy who started two wars but did not create a war tax (first time inhistory) and expected it to pay for itself, oh you liked that smart guy. Keep showing us your intelligence Tim it is hilarious

No sir, posts like this are hilarious.  If you’re going to use an ad hominem attack to try and discredit someone, especially in regards to their educational background, PLEASE make sure you at least use proper grammar and spelling.  It just kind of defeats the purpose when you spell “you,” “the,” and “idiot” wrong in the very first sentence.  Guess it’s just time for the first grade spelling bee :-p

On that note, this doesn’t even compare to some of the other posts I’ve seen… it just happened to be at the right place, at the right time.

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