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Iframe Plugin (for WordPress)

This simple HTMLe plugin allows you to create unlimited iframes in WordPress (or really any site, just WordPress disables this tag by default) using the same attributes as you would with the HTML tag (ie: src, width, height, id, frameborder, etc…)

This plugin is included in the HTMLe library by default for versions 2.0.5 and higher.

 * HTMLe plugin
 * -------------------- 
 * File:     iframe.php
 * Type:     function
 * Name:     iframe generator
 * Purpose:  creates an iframe with all available attributes
 * Author:   Michael Stowe
 * Example: {iframe src="http://www.mikestowe.com" width="900" height="900" frameborder="0"}
 * Required: src
 * Special:
 * -------------------- 
 * Note: the above information should be included in all plugins and is used to teach 
 * the user about your plugin.  Use the required field for any required attributes, and
 * the special field for any special tags your plugin accepts.

function HTMLe_iframe($params,$return='<iframe') {

$params as $key=>$value) {
$return .= ' '.$key.'="'.$value.'"';

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