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Easy Google Analytics

What is Easy Google Analytics
Easy Google Analytics is a simple WordPress plugin to allow you to add the latest version of Google Analytics to your site quickly and easily. Simply install the plugin, enter your Google Analytics ID in the admin, and you’re all set.

Installing Easy Google Analytics

Easy Google Analytics can be installed as a WordPress plugin on any server running PHP 5.

To install as a WordPress plugin:

  1. Install the Easy Google Analytics folder in the wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Activate the plugin through the WordPress admin panel (under plugins)
  3. Enter your Google Analytics ID (UA-XXXXX) and Enable Analytics in the plugin using the built in Admin Panel (found in the Plugin Menu)


  • No known errors

Easy Google Analytics was released under the GPL version 2 license.


Easy Google Analytics  (click to download)
Easily add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog
version: 0.1
size: 1.25kb

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