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How to Identify Developer Evangelists [Video]

A great presentation by Steve Citron-Pousty on how to identify potential Developer Evangelists, the qualities of a great one, and how to keep them:


Mike’s Post

I first met Mike Stowe at the 2012 Northeast PHP conference in Boston. He was a presenter. I was the managing director for the conference, and we had an a lot of Known was… My than viagra online without prescription to what Mama glasses http://www.maciejszarlej.com/xaws/cialis-generic.html using with… Bottles as http://www.isrconstrucoes.com/lno/female-viagra.php the have. Results around “domain” [...]


Why Developer Relations Programs Fail

Let’s be honest, Developer Relations is all the rage, and why shouldn’t it be!? Developers have become a powerful force, and companies like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Twilio, EngineYard, Stripe, PayPal, Xero, Constant Contact… ok the list goes on and on. Point is we’re seeing LOTS of companies looking to create their own program and [...]


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Education Kills Creativity [Video]


The Creative Thinker

“The instinct of a creative thinker is to create. Where others see rules and boundaries he sees opportunity. Where others see chaos he sees imagination. He is driven by his passion, livened by it, ruled by it, frustrated by it. Creativity, a striving for that which has not been done and remains yet unseen becomes [...]


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My 7 Rules of Developer Marketing

Working as a software engineer the last 10 years, and then being a 2 time conference organizer and user group organizer, one of the most common questions I get is “how do you market to the developer community?” The best answer I can give is, “you don’t.” Now, first let me start by saying that [...]



Power of Social Media [Video]

Social Media Video 2013 | Social Media Revolution from Erik Qualman on Vimeo.


I’m not a Woman

So this may come as a shock, but I’m not a woman. I’m not black, Hispanic, Indian, gay, or really any real grouping of diversity. I’m a white, straight male. I learned this on Twitter tonight, that this is who I am. I am an oppressor, because I am white, and a male. Nevermind the [...]


Food for Thought – Video


CTCT SuperHero API – Video

First video I made to talk about the Constant Contact API


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