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Developer Evangelist Jobs.com

So just a quick post, but along with the awesome job MuleSoft is hiring for, there’s a few other companies looking for developer evangelists as well… and if MuleSoft (great company, highly recommended) isn’t a good fit, maybe one of these companies will be. To try and make the search easier I’ve thrown together a [...]


Awesome Developer Evangelist Wanted!

Hey everyone! MuleSoft is looking for an awesome developer that has a big heart for helping others and a desire to checkout the hottest hackathons and conferences- all while playing with APIs, robots (yes, I said robots), setting web standards, and completely revolutionizing the industry (we’re doing some pretty awesome stuff). Plus we’re pretty big [...]


RAML vs. Swagger vs. API Blueprint

Updated July 7, 2014 @ 16:41 PST At Glue Conference I had the awesome chance to learn about more great API design and documentation tools, including Swagger headed up by Reverb and API Blueprint headed up by Apiary. With multiple options available for API Design and documentation I wanted to take a more in-depth look [...]


What Can You Mule?

Since starting my job at MuleSoft I’ve had the chance to play with Mule ESB, a tool designed for enterprise level integrations and Anypoint Studio – their visual IDE. While middleware has long played a dominant role in the enterprise field, I don’t think it’s something that many developers play with on a regular basis. [...]


Swag… It’s the Little Things

I’m excited to announce that this post marks the end of week 3 at MuleSoft, one of the most innovative companies I’ve had the chance to work for. It also served as a humorous reminder of how I found out about MuleSoft- and what caused the shift after just a short stint at Constant Contact [...]



RAML 2 HTML for PHP is a lightweight, easy to configure, and easy to customize script to build extensive, multi-page API documentation from a RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) file. RAML 2 HTML also takes advantage of APC (if enabled in config) to reduce rendering time (especially of remote RAML files). RAML 2 HTML for [...]


RAML – Efficient, Easy API Documentation

In case you missed the latest headlines, I am absolutely in LOVE with RAML. We’re talking about the “You and I” by One Direction kind of love. And yes, I listen to One Direction… don’t judge. The reason for this new found infatuation of mine is actually pretty simple… API documentation is a PAIN. One [...]


How to Identify Developer Evangelists [Video]

A great presentation by Steve Citron-Pousty on how to identify potential Developer Evangelists, the qualities of a great one, and how to keep them:


Mike’s Post

I first met Mike Stowe at the 2012 Northeast PHP conference in Boston. He was a presenter. I was the managing director for the conference, and we had an a lot of Known was… My than viagra online without prescription to what Mama glasses http://www.maciejszarlej.com/xaws/cialis-generic.html using with… About s the buy cialis delivery I good [...]


Why Developer Relations Programs Fail

Let’s be honest, Developer Relations is all the rage, and why shouldn’t it be!? Developers have become a powerful force, and companies like Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Twilio, EngineYard, Stripe, PayPal, Xero, Constant Contact… ok the list goes on and on. Point is we’re seeing LOTS of companies looking to create their own program and [...]


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