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Adding Breadcrumbs in Jekyll

The following code snippet lets you easily add breadcrumbs to your Jekyll version 3+ blog or site. The big difference between this snippet, and others is that it does a sanity check to ensure the breadcrumb url exists before adding it. For sites where each directory has an index.md or index.html, this is overkill – […]

REST API Multiple-Request Chaining

One of the challenges we have today with truly hypermedia based APIs is the need to make several separate HTTP calls to access and step through the API. REST API Multiple-Request Chaining is a brainstorming spec to allow us to instead thread or chain API calls together in a single HTTP Request, letting the client […]

Proving Developer Relations

Recently, Braintree laid off or reassigned its entire Developer Advocacy team, and discontinued its rather famous BattleHack hackathon. A spokesperson had this to say: Developer advocacy has become an integral part of the PayPal and Braintree businesses, and is at the core of everything that we do. As such, having a separate team focused on […]

An Experiment with AI

Several months ago, in trying to automate some of my workload I accidentally found myself building a very lightweight, and limited AI bot. Of course, when we talk about AI, it’s fairly limited as it’s really nothing more than a series of scripts that key on set phrases and perform certain functions. This is why […]

You Need a REAL API Interface

I have to admit, I’m having a great time at API World. From hearing different talks and ideas, to the launch of Swagger Hub, to seeing all of the new technology surrounding APIs and integration. But as everyone rushes towards building APIs, and looks for shortcuts, it’s also important to remember that there are no […]

What the Heck Travelocity…

Very seldom do I take to my blog to rant about poor travel experiences… and trust me there’s a lot of them. From having Delta cancel tickets (the second they were reserved) to US Airways losing my seat, to having to ride in a seat covered in tomato juice with United… Yeah – I’ve had […]

Danger of Creativity in the Workplace [Video]

Presented at TEDxUCDavisSF on May 17, 2015

Why GirlsWhoCode is Important

So much of what these young ladies are saying about programming is exactly how I feel about it! Their excitement and the passion is what will drive us into the future – people who think outside the box, are dedicated, and love what they’re doing. But so many do not have the opportunity, even to […]

RAML Merge

RAML Merge is a command line PHP script used to merge all RAML !includes into a single file for distribution or testing with services such as Postman. To merge files with the command line (PHP must be installed) simply run the script with a source file argument, like so: Remember to use the full path […]

API Meetup Groups

The following is a work in progress. Please contact me if you know of a good group to add to this list. Thanks! Address  --Search By City--Los Angeles, CASan Francisco, CADenver, CoWashington, DCMiami, FLTampa, FLChicago, ILBoston, MABaltimore, MDDetroit, MIMinneapolis, MNNew York, NYNashville, TNAustin, TXDallas, TXHouston, TXAmerican Fork, UTSeattle, WA Radius 1 mi5 mi10 mi25 mi50 […]

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